Great Uncle Helmer

Music as it should be.

Their next show is
Christmas and Beer at Valkyrie Brewing in Dallas, WI
Saturday, December 15, 5:41 PM - 8:00
And don't miss out on the new limited-boutique-edition CD, "Winter"! It's a Christmas miracle...

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This is Great Uncle Helmer at Professor Java's in Hastings, MN.
To your left is Memphis Evans. To your right is Kaptain Karl.

This is Great Uncle Helmer's song, Starguise .
It comes from the live version of their CD "Generic Mayhem."

Great Uncle Helmer might best be described
as an Acoustic Geek Rock Duo.
In the same way, chocolate cake might best be decribed
as a leavened confection flavored with extract from the cocao bean.

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