Great Uncle - Visual

This will ultimately be a resource for fans and promoters. Right now, you can see just these few glimpses of Great Uncle Helmer.

Karl and Memphis existed in earlier times.
Karl & Memphis are young

This picture is GUH+, as we call ourselves whenever we're joined by our friend Scot Ninnemann.
GUH+ in Eden Prairie
This entire concert was recorded. A separate audio commentary track is provided by Stu Edeal and Andy Honigman.

Here we are with our friends Doc's Kids (background), at the Grand Avenue Dunn Bros. Coffee in St. Paul. It's the 2008 Toys for Tots fund raiser.
Kaptain Santa

It's a merry merry merry merry merry Christmas!
No place like GUH for the Holidays

Several years ago we played at a great little place called Goochy Noochy's in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Later it was a great little place called The Buzz. Now it's the Dalles House Bakery.
Here's $2 Bill Turner, opening for us.
$2 Bill also plays with us in Shotgun Johnson & the Mississippi Seven.

Here are two fabulously sharp pictures of us onstage at the Bryant Lake Bowl. This was a gig we played there back in April.
Wait. That was pretty blurry. What's going on? Is the next one better?

Here Great Uncle Helmer is joined by the incomparable Pete Rivard. Here he sits in on the accordion.
Sometimes he brings his banjo.
He is a friend of Great Uncle Helmer.
He also plays with them in Shotgun Johnson & the Mississippi Seven
GUH & Pete @ BLB
Unfortunately, he is also blurry. What in the world...?

Wait a minute. This must be the problem...
Bill the Mummy
This is Ahmen-Khotep-Ra-Ahmen, one of a small but loyal following Great Uncle Helmer has built among the undead. And of course, digital cameras don't function properly in the presence of mummies. But Ahmen, you've got such a cheery disposition, you're welcome at any GUH show. Unless we're broadcasting live. Sorry, man.